Frequently asked questions

This is a list of frequently asked questions concerning many aspects of NW Recovery Homes

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What is a structured sober living house?

Structured sober living is a safe environment with built in structure to help you stay accountable to your goals. Structure includes urine drug screenings, curfews, and limited overnights out of the house, as well as a live in house manager to support you on your journey. Our goal is to assist you in finding independence while providing safety. 

What is a sober living house?

A home where the individuals living inside are abstinent from the use of mood- or mind-altering substances.

What is the difference between a sober living house and a halfway house?

A halfway house is usually a house that bridges the gap between jail or other institutions and society.

Sober living homes are designed for individuals that struggle with substance abuse. The background of our residents varies but typically we monitor backgrounds and make sure each person is a good fit for the home.

Is NW Recovery Homes a treatment center?

No, however we work closely with community partners who do provide treatment, and we can help residents who are looking for treatment

Does NW Recovery Homes provide counseling?

No, however we work closely with community partners who do provide counseling, should a resident be in need of counseling services 

Does NW Recovery Homes provide couples, sober living homes?

At this time, NW Recovery Homes is offering homes to single adults only, although we do encourage our residents to spend time with family and significant others in a safe and sober environment

How much does it cost?

Nonrefundable Sober Housing Fee $300.00. Shared Room is $700.00 per month. Single Room is $800.00 per month. Single Premium Room is $975.00.

*These prices will not affect current clients. We will honor the prices we had for the current tenants that have already signed a housing agreement.

Are there rules in a sober living house?

Yes, we do have house rules, set in place to keep you safe. The rules will be explained during the screening process and again upon move in

Can I have a job and a car or vehicle at a sober living facility?

Yes, proof of license and insurance must be provided, as well as documentation of work schedules upon house manager request

What forms of payment does NW Recovery Homes accept?

ACH, Cash, Check, & Major Debit & Credit Cards.

How long is a normal stay at a sober living house?

This varies! Some people only stay a month or two and some stay up to a year. We will work with you to determine what length of time works best for you!

Still have a question?

We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have!

Benefits of Sober Living With NW Recovery Homes

Access to a community

Our leadership has many connections to community-based activities. And different ways to get back into society and start feeling like you are part of something new.


We understand that not everyone has access to transportation, so we have conveniently located our housing near bus lines to keep you connected.


Each house we choose gets retrofitted to ensure the vibe and environment are positive, clean, and suitable for new beginnings.


Through great leaders, we have a unique way of creating reliable options to help each resident stick to a path that meets their goals of achieving success.

Start your journey to recovery with NW Recovery Homes or Connect with us to learn more about our homes.

We want to help guide you in the right direction toward safe and sober living!